Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fun Times

Well, this week has been crazy busy and a lot of fun. My dad came up to visit for a few days and I got absolutely nothing done while he was here (including dishes) I still think I have a couple in the sink that are older than three days... oops! I did finally find my constructive bone again on Saturday, which is good because my wonderfully clean house now looks like it did before I cleaned it... well not quite that bad. But I have a bit of work to do again.

Also, I have a pumpkin to process for pie. Mmm.... Right now Jake is working on a paper and I am well... blogging obviously. I haven't taken pictures for a couple of weeks (I think I'm in week 19 now, holy cow!!) so I'll try and get that done tomorrow. We shall see, there is a lot to do. Also, we're hoping to get the fall edition of our newsletter out in the next couple of weeks, so wish us luck on that! If you want a copy, just let one of us know.

Other than that... it's very sad that the Broncos lost so terribly today isn't it? Sigh... oh well... Yes I'm boring and have nothing to talk about. But I thought I would update everyone just to let you know we're still here! Maybe next week I'll think of something more interesting to say.