Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Baby Project

With less than two weeks left before my due date, we have finally begun preparing the house for Baby! Yesterday was our heavy-duty day where we (and when I say we I mean Jake) moved lots of furniture all over the place to rearrange our upstairs area.

Our previous office has now become and office/guest room of sorts. We took out one of the desks (the most space-consuming one) and replaced it with the full sized bed we've been sleeping in for the past several months. We also moved the entertainment center, which Jake uses as a bookshelf, to the other side of the room in order to fit everything properly. Right now Jake is in the process of boxing up many of our books that we probably will not be using for a while, so that we have more space in the office. Right now, as it is, about half of the floor is taken up by books and miscellaneous items from Jake's old desk. The rest of the loose items and papers are covering my desk, rendering it useless for anything really constructive at this point.

Hopefully, we will finish up sorting this all out since we're going to be having plenty of family over in the next couple of months to see the newest addition to the family! We are quite grateful to the Resner's for giving us the queen-sized mattress they were no longer using, so that our old one can be used for all of our guests. I was not too excited to make my poor sister sleep on an air mattress for two months; I'm sure she'll be much more comfortable here!

That brings us to our bedroom, which also had to be reorganized for Baby, who'll also be sleeping in our room. With the queen-sized bed and furniture for Baby needing to be moved in, we had to... well make room! We don't have a frame for this bed yet, which is perfectly fine since we don't mind being on the floor at this point, but it also means that we didn't have a need for our bed stands anymore. We donated one to our guestroom, and the other we are planning on taking to the seminary co-op. This freed up quite a bit of room for the changing table we'll be getting from a very generous lady at our field work congregation! The changing table will mostly function as a dresser for all of Baby's things when we finish with it. Once we're done I'll have to post pictures for everyone.

I'm so proud of everything we got done yesterday, but we are certainly far from ready! We have much to do to clean up after our huge project yesterday, not to mention how the downstairs has been neglected for the past few days because of this project. Hopefully, everything will be set up before I go into labor.

Wish us luck!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Earth is Flat!!

It is true...

I have discovered, after falling off the face of the Earth personally... that it is indeed flat. Fortunately, I was able to face the arduous task of climbing back on to the Earth after having fallen off of it and I am here.

Whew... it was quite a lot of work.

Hopefully, we won't be doing that again for a while :) I'll be updating soon!