Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Letter to my Daughter...

Dearest Evangeline,

As you sleep in my lap, so tiny and perfect, I am overcome with tears of pure joy that you are here. Your father and I have waited so very long to meet you, and we spend every second soaking you in. We pray that you will grow big and strong, and that God will protect you all the way. We love you so very much, words cannot begin to describe.
You came to meet the outside world on March 31st, just a few days ago. It was 5:48 in the evening, in our little living room, with so many people around who love you. I was the first one to hold you, and your Daddy was right there too. The past few days have been so miraculous. We thank the Lord for you every minute, our most precious child. There is truly no greater joy than to be your mother.

With All My Love,


Evangeline NellieMae Mueller

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  1. Hi Dalas - I just discovered you have a blog! Congratulations on the new baby! God grant her many years. :)

    Your Evangeline has a very sweet face!