Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week Thirteen

No I have not been avoiding the blog...

And I most certainly have not been avoiding the blog because I promised pictures and don't want to put them up...

No I am not not wanting to put up the pictures because I had a little mysterious bump that mysteriously dissapeared after week ten and has yet to return... three weeks later...

Oh alright... yes I did do all of those things. I am guilty. Is this really the second time I've been having to post an apology for pictures I promised and don't want to put up? Maybe... yes... I'm sorry.

But really! There was a bump and the next week it was gone! And I'm still skinnier now (week 13) than I was in week 10. I will save you the ponderings about what could have caused the cute little bump that is now gone, but I assume you can do that all on your own without my help. So pictures will be postponed until... well until there's actually something to look at. Unless you all want me to post the bump pictures so you can laugh at me. But I will ONLY do that if expressly asked... by more than one person... ahem.

Now, on to new orders of business. We had our first prenatal appointment yesterday!! It was wonderful. Jake and I have decided to use a midwife and have a homebirth, for various reasons that will wait for another post. So we went to the midwife's assistant's house (She's closer to Fort Wayne. Our midwife's office is about an hour and a half away, so she has an assistant to help with births in this area.) We went over lots of paperwork, got on the scale... which actually wasn't too bad, and listened to the baby's heartbeat!!

I think it sounded like a boy, but I'm not really sure why. The heartbeat was 150bpm which is perfect range for the development right now. Our next appointment is scheduled in four weeks and I'm excited. Oh yes... and I have to start taking iron supplements along with my prenatal vitamins. My midwife looked at me and asked if I had a history of anemia... apparently I look anemic... probably because I am. Sigh... well at least pregnancy is forcing me to take my vitamins right?

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