Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mea Culpa... Mea Culpa Maxima

In other words: My own fault, My own Greivious fault... I'M SO SORRY!! I promised pictures last week :( Good news: I DID take the pictures!! Bad news: I'm still working on getting them on a computer I can actually use internet with. But I do have pictures of my belly at 10 weeks (I look like I ate too many doughnuts) and I will be taking an 11 week picture this week AND I still have that surprise picture for you. So when I DO finally post them, you'll just get extra :)

Also, I've started working on our family newsletter, that will be going out to family and friends through our course at seminary. If you are interested in receiving a newsletter, please leave a comment (or shoot me an email) and let me know! If you want us to send it to you in the mail rather than email we will also need a mailing address.

Last but not least, please be praying for us and the larger Fort Wayne area. This city has lost approximately 100,000 jobs in the last two years and unemployment is at a whopping 9.6%. I have still not been able to find a job. I applied to work at Panera a few weeks back and I went in to introduce myself to the manager and let him know I applied. He said that there were 560 applications for that one position being processed!! Sigh... I'm afraid it's a tough economy up here. Please, be praying that I find work so Jake can continue his studies and that more jobs would be brought into this town for the 9.6% of us who need them.


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