Friday, August 28, 2009

My Attempt at a Cliff Hanger

This evening Jake is working at Target, and the house was depressingly lonely without him there. For some reason I can handle the afternoons fine on my own, but the evenings are a little worse. So I decided to head over to Panera and use the internet here. I bought a couple of the shortbread cookies, which are great by the way. And they also taste like Christmas... maybe that's why I like them so much. There were no open tables by an outlet, which is essential since my poor, old computer has a battery life of about ten minutes these days. (Yes Jake, I did say my computer. I just let you use it :)

It has been an eventful week. I had three interviews this week, only one and a half of which were actually promising. The first is Bethesda Lutheran Services, they called me back for a second interview and, from what the lady said, it seems almost garaunteed that they will hire me. Praise the Lord! There are some upsides and downsides to the job though.

First of all, I will be working evenings, which is simply hard when Jake is at school all day and we won't see each other until bedtime. Upside, I might be able to transfer later to a dayshift. Downside, there is a lot of strenuous work involved with this sort of position and I'm a little worried if I'll be up to it during pregnancy. Upside, I've known personally, two women who worked the exact same sort of job throughout their pregnancies and had no complications, so I'll stop worrying. Downside, I can't start training until the 6th. Upside, it's almost September!

So I suppose it will work itself out. Also, I had both my arms drilled for blood on two seperate occasions this week. I had been having a bit of bleeding and some strange cramping and pains, so my midwife wanted me to get labs done just in case. Everything is normal, so the baby should be doing just fine. And it's looking more like a human every day! Part of the pain, though, I think is due to the fact that I'm practically showing already. Well, sort of... no one else can tell, but I definitely can not stick my tummy in as far as it used to go. And when I try to it feels like there's something in the way. My oversized uterus perhaps? Anywho, it's a really weird feeling.

I'll be taking a picture of my belly next week and I'll post it, along with a surprise picture of an unknown object. If the suspense is killing you, like I know it is, come back next week to see!

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