Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ok I promised details so, here goes...

Last Monday I was feeling very very sick. I was in bed all evening with nausea. Now, I haven't had nausea since I can remember. But ever since we got married I've been having bouts of it (weird huh?) so I didn't think too much of it; I just figured it was stress again or something of the sort. But to make myself feel better I told Jake to go buy a pregnancy test, just for fun. So he did... now by this point I had also been having cramps (TMI yet?) for a couple of days, so when he got back we decided to wait till Wednesday to take the test. Because if I was going to start, it would be soon and then we'd know anyway.

And two days go by, still nothing. Jake leaves to go do something; I'm bored, so I take the test. I was too nervous to look at it so I left it in the bathroom and went downstairs. When Jake came home I marched him up there and told him to look at it. He looked at it, had a little smirk on his face and I was dying of anticipation "What does it say???"

"Uh... I don't know, it's kinda confusing." What on earth is confusing!?!? One line means no, two lines mean yes. How many lines does it have!?!? Well it had two... but one was not exactly the same as the other one, so Jake was in denial. Silly goose. In any case he made me take another one. Five glasses of water later... still two lines. I showed it to Jake and he didn't say anything he just kissed me :)


I am currently about seven weeks along, and I'm due on April 1st. Haha! So funny, I know! Not really... but honestly, that's when I'm due. I haven't been sick like I was last week since, well... last week. However, I have had a little nausea and just about no food is appealing to me at all. Which is annoying because I rather like food. Remember that fatigue? Well, at least we know what's causing it, but it hasn't gotten any better. I'm not hungry at all until about 3pm in the afternoon and then I am starving until I go to sleep that night. Or at least that's how my confused appetite is normally acting...

I personally don't want to find out if it's a boy or a girl until the baby is born. However, we will see how patient Dalas can actually be. We are currently looking at birth options. We really like the idea of having a home birth with a midwife, but we are also going to go to the hospitals around town to see what they offer. There is a nice Lutheran hospital here, so we'll see. And there aren't any birth centers close enough for me to really be interested, but oh well. Other than that, blessings everyone and hopefully I'll be able to get back on here soon! We still don't have internet at the house :( And as for a routine? Yeah... not really happening, yet. But don't give up on me!



  2. Wow - we are so happy for you! What a wonderful blessing! We will keep you and the baby in our prayers!

    - Greg, Jenny & Kids