Sunday, August 2, 2009

Almost Done...

Hi everyone!

Jake and I are almost done with unpacking. We're kinda doing the office and the living room and dining room all at once, so be prepared for plenty of pictures this upcoming week! Hopefully... ahem. In other news... I've been wanting to start my routines since we got here. But for some reason I'm having an awful time getting up in the morning. Not really sure what's going on with me, but for some reason I have been struggling a lot with fatigue. Even the days I have actually gotten out of bed at 7am after eight hours of sleep, I can't keep my eyes open after breakfast and end up sleeping again. So I am sort of just sleeping until i wake up now, which is anywhere from 8 to 9. Sigh... it's frustrating. And no it is not because I am pregnant, in case you were wondering. (At least I don't think it is...) Anyways, let's hope that clears up soon before I get a job and have to be awake and productive!

Speaking of jobs, neither Jake nor I have found one yet. I am expecting to get some responses back this week, though. So be praying for that front! I feel like I've applied for just about every position in this little city, and I can't find much else to apply for. Although I've heard Starbucks is hiring, so I might check there too if I get bored. Tomorrow we are going to start having to pay our bills... we have enough for rent, which is always a good thing. But not much left over for our others. Pray that I get a job this week so we can pay bills this month! Actually, I think we're still awaiting one last paycheck from Concordia where we worked over the summer so... that should help.

Other than that it is a beautiful day here in Indiana. We are so thankful that the summer is mild, since we don't have air conditioning. And we are very blessed in that we know we won't starve for lack of money, our cupboards have plenty of food thanks to the food coop. We really are truly blessed with what we have been given! With a fully-furnished apartment, food, reliable transportation, a way to communicate with our families from such long distances, friends to be with us in this season of change, and above all a Savior who has won the final battle for us... our cup is overflowing. We really could not ask for more as we are starting out our new life together. Thank you Lord! God bless you all.

- Dalas

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