Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prayers and Pregnancy

Morning sickness... ugh... not fun. I have quite mild morning sickness most of the time so, I am grateful for that. However, it lasts all day long. Whoever you are that erroneously named this particular ailment of pregnancy... well just so you know you ERRONEOUSLY named this particular ailment of pregnancy. Eating, which used to be a wonderfully joyous activity for me, is now a chore, a rather annoying one at that. I'm usually not hungry, and when I am hungry I'm also nauseaus at the same time.

Poor Jake is having to fend for himself in the kitchen mostly... I feel bad but he either eats chicken or tuna. Tuna has always been icky and chicken is a new aversion that I can hardly be in the same room with. Sigh... but I did make banana bread yesterday using my mom's recipe. See I got some bananas, because they're healthy fruit... but I can't eat them so they went overripe. So I made banana bread! I can eat that :) mmmmmmmmm......

Secondly, prayer requests. Yes I know the post has prayer requests first and pregnancy stuff second, but this is just how it's going to go. I had a nannying job working for a wonderful family with adorable twin boys. However, I told them on Monday about the pregnancy and they felt (understandably so) that it was going to complicate things a little too much come April. So now I don't have a job, but I did get a phone call from Bethesda, where I applied a MONTH ago (they said they would get back to me in two weeks....) asking if I would come in for an interview today. They called me at 10pm nonetheless, but who am I to complain, it's a job opportunity right? So please pray that I find a job soon. Jake already has a job at Target, praise the Lord!

Lastly, Jake and I met a wonderfully pleasant homeless man named Hal last night. Please pray that he would be able to find work as well. It's pretty tough in this town. And also for his friend who has schizophrenia; her name escapes me at the moment. As do most things these days... hmm... anywho I'm beginning to feel too ill to stay in the library much longer. Miss you all and I hope to hear from you soon!


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