Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have a job!!! Hooray!!

Finally, after being here for almost two months, I found a job! For so long in my life, I have always looked for a job, and one was there. I've never had to go "job hunting" per se. I would want to start working, find something I could do, apply, get hired, happy ending. Not so this time. I've applied for dozens of jobs in the last month and have had very little response. We were beginning to worry that I wouldn't find any job in Fort Wayne. Jake had a job already, so what was taking me so long? I was frustrated, worried... broke. And then I realized how for so many years I have been taking my jobs for granted. I've just always expected them to be there. When instead I should have been thanking God for His gift!

This time His gift has manifested itself as a lifeguarding position. I will be working at a boarding school type facility that happens to have a wonderful, indoor pool. I'm so excited! I have extensive experience with lifeguarding, and all things related, so it's something I'm quite comfortable doing. And I LOVE the water! But I can't remember the last time I've been swimming :( So now I can actually go swimming on a regular basis, for my job! Woohoo!! I'm excited :) Oh yes... and we can start paying rent... of course... :)

This job is only part time, so I'm hoping to find another part time job babysitting or some such thing; we will see what I can come up with. The Lord is providing marvelously for us, through the generosity of many of you and also through this gift of a job, which I will no longer take for granted.

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