Saturday, June 27, 2009


God is good.

Right now Jake and I are housesitting for one of our professors who is off teaching in Europe for the summer with his wife. (If you're reading this I hope ya'll are having a great time!) This was such a blessing to us. Apart from saving us $1300 on rent for a month and a half, we have also been blessed by the simple little things like... kitchen utensils. Considering all of our wedding gifts are still in Colorado... this has been a lifesaver for me.

It is also a blessing in teaching us to be grateful for air conditioning, as this house has none. Minnesota summers are fairly mild, but we've been having a heatwave of sorts (ok heatwave for Minnesota, but I've been getting so used to the cold weather!) and it's making me a little grumpy. The past few nights I had been climbing into bed, next to my already naturally warm-blooded hubby, and would not be able to take the exorbatent amount of warm fuzzies I was getting. It was making me grumpy and snappy and not at all wanting to sleep. Poor Jake! I'm sorry dear... although he hasn't been doing much better. I think that ice pack is his new teddy bear. So anyways, it's been interesting; especially since we're just learning how to sleep with each other! But... God is good.

Jake and I went to our friends' house for dinner the other night, and they told us of a revolutionary new product... Chillows! Who would have thought? Little pads you put in your pillow to keep them chilled. I think it's abslutely brilliant. However, we don't exactly have the extra funds avaliable to spend money on those sorts of things. A couple evenings ago I was cooking up some rice for a late night snack, Jake was at a minor league baseball games with some friends. His first guy night since the wedding :) And the chillow idea came into my head.

I thought... hey, I could chill my pillow... I rushed into our bedroom, found a garbage bag and cleared some room in the freezer and stuffed in our pillows :) I also put our sheet in the refrigerator. When Jake got home I made the bed and behold the wonder! I was actually cooler getting into the bed!! It was amazing. The sheet didn't really stay cool, even yesterday when it was in the freezer too, but the pillows! The pillows, or should I say the chillows, were all I needed...

God is good.

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