Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ok so I gave up pretending to keep up with my countdown. And yes I know I have not written in... well a long time. But honestly, thank you notes are of utmost priority and I cannot stand typing with these fake nails that refuse to fall off. But just so everyone... or at least my two readers, one of whom is my husband and knows anyway... knows I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Hello I'm here and my name has changed. Hurray! Next time I choose torture by way of typing with fake nails that are too long I'll blog about something more interesting. Possibly a little intro to my life so that new readers (if they ever come about) won't be totally lost about myself. Besides isn't that the point of blogging, to talk about yourself in personal ways on a public forum? :D I still am amazed hubby wanted me to do this... considering he's free game now too...

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  1. Jake's Aunt Diane here! The pictures are beautiful - almost as nice as being there! We got some really nice shots as well. Usually wedding guests are asked to refrain from taking pictures - at first I was taken aback that so many people were snapping pictures, but then I was gratefully joining them, thinking how nice it will be to get "real" shots for Grandma Mueller to see, not just posed pictures. I'll make sure to print this out for Grandma and Grandpa.