Friday, June 19, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

And now for my long overdue introduction. I know that everyone reading my blog most likely already knows me but who knows? Maybe in a few years I'll be a famous blogger and people from all over the globe will be flocking to read my ongoing saga... yeah ok not. But, I still think it might be helpful, so here goes....

I am first and foremost a follower of Christ, baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church. I just recently left (not physically of course since I've been off at school for a few years) my wonderful family to be joined as one with my own, new family. I grew up as a military kid with a beautiful, talented and devoted mother and a handsome, hardworking, loving father. I have an older sister and a younger brother who are also very close to my heart and I miss them dearly.

Right now my new family consists of only me and my husband. We were married less than a month ago and are just learning how to live with one another :) Jake is taking a summer Greek course to finish up his undergraduate degree and we will be headed off to seminary at the end of July. We are both working, me a little more than him because I don't have a class to attend to. I have been trying to do the cooking and most of the cleaning, but it's been so hard! With all these transitions I've yet to get into a routine. Though, I started reading Mary Jo's blog called Covenant Homemaking last night and I was convicted. So my first goal is to get a morning, evening and weekly routine set up this weekend, in order to be more organized and therefore making the house a little nicer, even though we're only here a short time. I promise to update you with a post on that next week as an incentive to actually do it.

I'm not quite graduated as of yet. I still have 15 or so credits I need to finish up in order to get my degree. I double-minored in Christian Outreach and Confessional Lutheranism (yes I get a lot of confused looks on that one). I will be taking congregational outreach online in the Fall to finish up that first minor. I hope to use this education as I continue in my vocation as homemaker, God willing as mother, and also in supporting my husband as he goes into the ministry. We are both very excited to see what people God sees fit to bless us with as part of our family, and we are anxiously awaiting when we will be able to meet all of them.

As I have said before, this blog is mainly for keeping in touch, since both our families and many of our friends are so far away. However, I tend to be just a tiny bit passionate when it comes to my faith and I may delve into some theological-doctrinal discussions; I just really enjoy them! Discussion does mean both ways so feel free to comment... if you can I know people have been having a difficult time with it, and I honestly don't know how to fix it :( or send me a personal email. We'd love to hear from you!


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