Wednesday, July 15, 2009

He's Back!!!

I didn't mean to leave you hanging... Jake and Brandon did return, intact. Praise the Lord! However, this last week before we move is kind of hectic and really, not much has changed so... I don't really have anything to blog about :) We will be moving to Fort Wayne next week. So be prepared for some pictures of our first apartment! I am very excited. This will be our first home, and I know the adventures of my first attempt at housewivery will be more than humorous enough for all to laugh at.

So yes... nothing new today, really. But don't give up on me yet. Here is a teaser to make sure you all come back :) Coming soon to a blog near you...

Pictures of Our New Apartment!! (Before and after boxes are unpacked). No I am NOT promising that the after pictures will be any time soon... just that they will be... eventually...

Hilarious stories of Dalas trying to cook and clean.

Seminary updates!

Baby Mueller? Maybe? You never know...

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